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About Us

I am a former London startup and scale up COO living in Surrey. I founded the LONDON COO Roundtable 10 years ago with a collective of the best COOs in the London tech ecosystem. I am passionate about bringing operations professionals together to define what it means to be a highly effective start up Chief Operating Officer, support those in post to self actualise as leaders and reach their full potential in their roles and their careers.

Why You Should Join Us

  • Meet like minded COOs in our online forum
  • Swap stories, experiences, ideas and challenges around our mission
  • Be part of a curated peer to peer roundtable group
  • Make valuable 1-2-1 COO connections
  • Attend quarterly in person roundtable events
  • Participate in monthly events & talks given by high profile experienced COOs
  • Learn through operations masterclasses, clinics & workshops
  • Share and find startup and scale up COO role opportunities
  • Connect to COO mentors
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  • Attend our annual COO retreat
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A Big Thanks

Thank you so much to all of our members and sponsors for making the Roundtable a place where COOs can flourish and get the support they need.